About Us
Blackburn Insurance Brokers (incorporating Liability Brokers) is part of the largest insurance broker network in Australiasia, the Steadfast Group.

Comprised of 306 brokerages with over 500 offices, the group generated over $5 billion in insurance sales in FY15. This scale gives Steadfast enormous buying power, flexibility and influence when negotiating with major insurers on behalf of Steadfast brokers and results in us being able to provide our customers with access to multiple insurance companies, a broad range of products, competitive pricing, valuable advice and quality service.

As a Steadfast network insurance broker, you get the best of both worlds - local and personalised service, with the insurance expertise and support of a large organisation.

Strength when you need it.


Our Role
A customised solution doesn’t write itself: it’s our job to get inside the inner workings of your business.

We consult closely with each client, walking you through a risk assessment, taking into account how your business performs, its operating environment, market trends and your people. Having gained an understanding of what’s important to you, we are well placed to determine your overall insurance and funding needs.

So no matter what kind of business you’re in, no matter how many staff you have, a Steadfast broker can provide expert advice, source insurance solutions and funding options that make sure your doors remain open.


Customised policies not publicly available
Anyone can sell you off-the-shelf insurance but as a Steadfast broker we have access to customised policies developed by Steadfast directly with the insurers, written exclusively for the network. Steadfast brokers are able to offer policies with greater coverage than a standard product, at market competitive pricing.