Farm Insurance
Whether you run a small or large operation, own or rent your premises and land, or raise crops or livestock, our policies can be expanded and tailored to meet your unique insurance needs.. .

- Make sure your liability cover is appropriate.
- Don’t overlook cover for replacing fencing


Commercial Farms
image Farm, crop and livestock insurance involves a package of different insurance types tailored to cover farm businesses and primary producers for a range of events.....
Hobby Farms
image We class hobby farms as rural properties that are basically lifestyle properties where there is less than $15,000 turnover per year

Crop Insurance
image Covers against perils such as hail & fire. It also covers your crop against damage resulting from chemical overspray or straying livestock. It covers your harvested crop both on your farm and in transit. .....
Country Homes
image Cover especially designed for homes on acreage without the need for full farm cover.

Require advice on other Insurances

Our parent company, Blackburn (Insurance Brokers) Pty.Ltd. is authorised to arrange all forms of commercial insurance from manufacturers, offices, medical services companies to tradesmen.

We also arrange home, motor and personal accident & illness insurance. For advice on these products, please visit our website:
Blackburn (Insurance Brokers) Pty.Ltd.

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